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Leading the world in ethical Caviar production

We use a Patented revolutionary no-harm process which has the potential to help save the magnificent sturgeon from extinction. Our policy of complete transparency means every gram we sell can be traced right back to the sturgeon who produced it.

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"The best Caviar in the world"

Si, from The Hairy Bikers

As seen in

As Seen on the amazing Hairy Bikers

This image shows Si and Dave doing what they do best - cooking off the side of a Bike in the middle of a field.

The guys had a great day in the tanks with our sturgeon and eating caviar at every opportunity!

Available on BBC catch up.

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Hairy Bikers 8pm 28th October BBC2

The UK’s Only Ethical Caviar Producer

We produce and ship all of our own Caviar right here - in fact, we’re the UK’s only ethical Caviar producer. The tanks in our state-of-the-art facilities are fed by pure Yorkshire spring water, filtered from the stream that runs alongside. Our Caviar is salted using the best British salt, which acts as a natural preservative.

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"Literally a game changer"

Chef John Quilter - The Food Busker