We are proud to announce that, Dariqus is winning the battle with some traditional Caviar farmers who are now producing a small % of their Caviar without Killing the Sturgeon. This has been a real David and Goliath challenge, however with our determination and tenacity we are winning! So, we thank all out supporters and backers for helping along the journey. Dariqus will offer help to any producer who wishes to enter the NO KILL market with ethical & sustainable Caviar.

Continues to lead in ethical & sustainable Caviar production.

We use a no-harm process which has the potential to help save the magnificent sturgeon from extinction. Our policy of complete transparency means every gram we produce can be traced right back to the sturgeon that produced it. You can rest assured that we are the only British caviar producer able to provide this full traceability and records which are checked by FHI.

Breaking news....Half of tested caviar products from Europe are illegal, and some aren't even caviar, finds study

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our technique

Globally renowned TV chefs dubbed our Caviar "The best in the world"

And we still do next day delivery

Dariqus Caviar

Dariqus Limited is KC Caviar Ltd but improved. Dariqus gives us the flexibility to expand our range and create a bigger and better business.

Although we now have a different name, our ideals and goals remain the same; to save the Sturgeon.

We still offer Next Day Delivery for orders placed before 12:30pm.