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  • Alcohol Infused Caviar. Available today...
  • ‘Like a maternity ward’: how massaging fish can produce ‘no-kill caviar’

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Pure Opulence
Perfect on so many dishes Recipes
Alcohol Infused Caviar. Available today...

‘Like a maternity ward’: how massaging fish can produce ‘no-kill caviar’

Sturgeon Saving

As everyone focusses on Christmas, KC offers the "best Caviar in the world" *According to the 2 celebrity Chefs.

Due to the nature of our business.

We periodically run out of No Kill stocks, Not wanting to let our clients down we will occasionally offer a traditional Caviar as an alternative. If our E&S say out of stock contact the office direct for sizes and prices. These products are clearly marked, NOT Ethical & sustainable.

We have never been able to understand why all the other British Caviar suppliers support farms that KILL sturgeon to make their Caviar.

The Guardian did a storey about No Kill today

‘Like a maternity ward’: how massaging fish can produce ‘no-kill caviar’

As a company, we strive to meet one goal- the preservation of Sturgeon as a species. Every year up to 3 million of critically endangered Sturgeon are slaughtered by traditional Caviar farmers.

We work with our fish to harvest Caviar from them, without harming or killing them. This way, they can continue to provide us with Caviar every year and one day, they will be released into the conservation lakes, to help start the repopulation of Sturgeon.

Continues to lead in ethical & sustainable Caviar production.

We use a revolutionary no-harm process which has the potential to help save the magnificent sturgeon from extinction. Our policy of complete transparency means every gram we sell can be traced right back to the sturgeon that produced it. You can rest assured that we are the only British caviar producer able to provide this full traceability and records which are checked by FHI / Defra each year.

Breaking news....Half of tested caviar products from Europe are illegal, and some aren't even caviar, finds study

by Cell Press

A pile of sturgeons being sold at a fish marked in Eastern Europe. Credit: WWF George Caracas

Wild caviar, a pricey delicacy made from sturgeon eggs, has been illegal for decades since poaching brought the fish to the brink of extinction. Today, legal, internationally tradeable caviar can only come from farmed sturgeon, and there are strict regulations in place to help protect the species.

our technique

AiC is KC's unique Alcohol infused Caviar. This will turn any get-together in to a Celebration.

There is caviar and there is the best CAVIAR

Globally renowned TV chefs dubbed our Caviar "The best in the world"

Dariqus Caviar

Dariqus Limited is KC Caviar Ltd but improved. Dariqus gives us the flexibility to expand our range and create a bigger and better business.

Although we now have a different name, our ideals and goals remain the same; to save the Sturgeon.

We still offer Next Day Delivery for orders placed before 12:30pm.

With Christmas fast approaching, we have been working on a new, limited edition, AiC alcohol infused Caviar, the likes of which has never been seen before. 

If you would like your order delivered during the week starting 18th December please add a note in the customer comments box or message the office directly.