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When we made the decision to move to the old mushroom farm, it looked a daunting challenge.

Over the last 15 months the team have pulled together to create something really special. Unique 5star Sturgeon holding facilities with individual temperature and lighting controlled rooms. Plus the onsite state-of- the- art Caviar suite which includes every safety control imaginable ensuring our Caviar reaches the customer in perfect condition.

Premier Farming Yorkshire

The only Sturgeon Caviar farm in the World licences to produce socially acceptable Caviar using the AWI patented process from ovulated eggs.

More importantly for some, PFY is in a unique position of being able to work with WSCS and breed Sturgeon for release into places of natural habitat around the world to help wild Sturgeon stocks recover.

By 2020 we hope to have completed the retirement lake for our females who have reached middle age and deserve a well-earned retirement. Visitors will be able to feed the 2-4 metres long Sturgeon.

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Name That Sturgeon

KC caviar are looking for 500 names for their brood stock.

Each winner will receive a special invite to one of our open days.

Every entrant will receive a touch screen stylus pen.

Competition Rules

  1. The name must be less than 10 letters
  2. Must be pronounceable
  3. Names chosen on a first come basis.
  4. Maximum number of entries per family 5
  5. Entry close date is 30/06/2017


Press Release and Media Links
Press Release and Media Links

December 30, 2016

British sturgeon farm takes first delivery of the five hundred 4-5 foot long Sturgeon required for the production of their “socially acceptable” Caviar.

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Maya's Soapbox
Maya's Soapbox

December 22, 2016

I wasn't really sure what to expect on my first visit to KC Caviar. I confess, like the vast majority of our society, to knowing little of the caviar industry.

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