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When we made the decision to move to the old mushroom farm, it looked a daunting challenge.

Over the last 15 months the team have pulled together to create something really special. Unique 5star Sturgeon holding facilities with individual temperature and lighting controlled rooms. Plus the onsite state-of- the- art Caviar suite which includes every safety control imaginable ensuring our Caviar reaches the customer in perfect condition.

Premier Farming Yorkshire

The only Sturgeon Caviar farm in the World licences to produce socially acceptable Caviar using the AWI patented process from ovulated eggs.

More importantly for some, PFY is in a unique position of being able to work with WSCS and breed Sturgeon for release into places of natural habitat around the world to help wild Sturgeon stocks recover.

By 2020 we hope to have completed the retirement lake for our females who have reached middle age and deserve a well-earned retirement. Visitors will be able to feed the 2-4 metres long Sturgeon.

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Thank you Cottingham!

An enjoyable day, we met lots of interesting Yorkshire folk, plus a few from elsewhere.

The guest chefs included the Legend Brian Turner, Steph Moon, Chris Harrison and John Robinson did some fabulous meals some of which included our Caviar.

Hundreds of visitors stopped at Stand number 3 and sampled our Caviar. Most were intrigued to find out about the plight of the sturgeon in the wild and how our sustainable program could help long-term.

At the Cottingley Food Festival


A Visit By York TV
A Visit By York TV

September 13, 2017

A quiet day down on the farm, was brought to life when Anna from the local TV station for York (York TV) arrived with camera and microphone.

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Open letter of introduction to Chefs

August 09, 2017

If you think that making sturgeon Caviar in Yorkshire was a challenge, being the only farm in the World with a licence to produce (no kill) socially acceptable Caviar was a mount Everest challenge.

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