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What Makes Us Tick?

My family and I run KC Caviar from our base in a quiet rural village deep in the heart of Yorkshire.

In the 1990s, my Dad (John) and I began breeding Koi. After a while, I moved on to bringing Sturgeon in from Europe to sell as ornamental fish here in the UK.

Ultimately, I wanted to start breeding them myself. I knew of the conservation issues and the massive reduction in numbers since the 1970s, and I wanted to do my bit to help replenish stocks and support the varieties which are vanishing from our world.

But there was a huge Catch-22. To breed, you need a large facility. The only way to fund this was by selling the Caviar and producing the Caviar would lead to countless Sturgeon deaths if farmed conventionally.

That was against everything I wanted to do. At our facility, welfare is our overriding concern.

Dad knew there was a potential market in the UK, but we didn’t know then how we were going to manage to produce Caviar without going down the traditional route.

It took us 3 years to find a way, but now we’re hugely proud to say that KC Caviar is the only Caviar facility in the World producing sustainable, cruelty-free Caviar.

 Mark Addey, Managing Director

The team at KC Caviar

Mark Addey, Managing Director

Mark is one of only a tiny handful of people in ethical Caviar production who is sufficiently skilled to extract eggs without harming the Sturgeon.

Passionate about protecting these magnificent, ancient creatures, it’s his vision and drive that has powered KC Caviar through the inevitable ups and downs of disrupting an Industry.


“The KC Caviar adventure is still in its infancy. What will be the point where you can step back and say “This is it. This makes it all worthwhile”?”

“Ah, that’s easy. It’s when I release the first fish into the Conservation Lake.”

"It’s a lot easier to kill the sturgeon. The way we do it, you’ve got to carry on looking after the fish after the Caviar has been produced - a lot of producers don’t really care for that."

Mark talking to The Dalesman

"I’m not sure why there hasn’t been a public outcry around Caviar like there has been around foie gras or veal. We thought there had to be a better way. There is."

John talks to the Yorkshire Post Magazine

John Addey, Director

Mark’s Dad John manages the operational side of the business, liaising with customers, suppliers and Investors. With an infallible belief in Mark’s vision, he has worked tirelessly since the Company’s inception to support Mark and help realise his dream.


“What has been the single most satisfying part of the KC Caviar adventure so far?”

“Knowing that our girls can produce Caviar of such a high quality that it proudly sits on dishes produced by some of the UK’s best Chefs.”

Kacey Addey - Caviar Master

Mark’s daughter Kacey is learning the ropes of the family business, whilst managing the caviar production.


“Not many people have a groundbreaking brand named after them! What makes you most excited about the future of KC Caviar?”

“If we can change the idea that it’s OK to kill a Sturgeon for a few grams of Caviar to one where it's produced by the fish releasing their eggs naturally, then hopefully in the next decade we will have saved 20-30 million Sturgeon from being slaughtered.”

Kalina Yaneva - Operations Manager

Kalina runs the administration and production sides of the business, ensuring orders are fulfilled on time.


John Parling - Husbandry Manager

John joined the Team in early 2020, and has now taken the role of Farm Manager, which covers everything from running the breeding programme through to preparing the brood stock for production.

Our UnSung Heroes

We consider ourselves extremely lucky to have found an enthusiastic group of Global Shareholders who collectively bring financial support and expertise in Accountancy, Insurance, Marketing, Distribution, Agriculture, UK Law and Medicine.

"KC work to the highest food safety and quality regulations."

Carol Feeney- hygienic operations

Carol joined us December of 2019 and now controls the hygiene maintenance and ensures that the facilities meet the requirements of our HACCP plan and conform with our BRC accreditation.

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Our Mission

We estimate there are 40 million people in the UK alone who have never tasted Caviar.
Seen as an extravagance for the privileged few, we want to make this delicious gourmet’s favourite an accessible luxury - an extra-special treat which can be enjoyed by everyone.

About Us

Our Philosophy

As passionate about the welfare of our fish as we are the quality of our product, we’re exceptionally proud to say that we produce the only truly cruelty-free Caviar in the world.


Know Your Stuff - Caviar Types

There are several types, and several qualities, of Caviar available on the market today, the most famous (and usually the most expensive) being Beluga.