55% of our sales are from returning customers. Why? because they support and believe in what we are doing.

Seen as an extravagance for the privileged few, we want to make this delicious gourmet’s favourite an accessible luxury - an extra-special treat which can be enjoyed by everyone. So periodically we have 50% special offers to enable regular customers to sample our caviar.

The truth is that our Caviar is hugely versatile (KC caviar can be used on HOT or COLD dishes). It works particularly well with most fish dishes, with cucumber and salad and also with eggs (our favourite? Scrambled), changing an average salad into something spectacular. Changing an afternoon snack into a wow factor.

We could wax lyrical for hours on how incredible it tastes when paired with the humble potato…

We know Caviar is costly. The careful, specialised husbandry involved in raising the sturgeon to the right age and in the best conditions to produce top quality Caviar is an expensive process.

Our 50g tins are priced in line with a 100g tin of traditional Caviar. It’s an extra-special treat - but so is good champagne, or a fine wine.

We introduced our smallest 10g tasting tin as the perfect portion for two people, making it an excellent gift for that special someone and the ideal accompaniment to a romantic dinner.

If you’re catering for a larger crowd, our Caviar is available in a wide range of sizes to suit your needs and budget, from 10 and 15 grams right up to a whopping 1kg!

What Makes Us Different

Starting life as a family business but then needed to bring in private investment to cover the mounting costs, from our base in a quiet rural village deep in the heart of Yorkshire.

In the 1990s, Mark (my son) and I began breeding Koi. After a while, I moved on to bringing Sturgeon in from Europe to sell as ornamental fish here in the UK.

Ultimately, I wanted to start breeding them myself. I knew of the conservation issues and the massive reduction in numbers since the 1970s, and I wanted to do my bit to help replenish stocks and support the varieties which are vanishing from our world.

But there was a huge Catch-22. To breed, you need a large facility. as sturgeon need 8 years to mature. The only way to fund this was by selling Caviar and producing the Caviar would lead to countless Sturgeon deaths if farmed conventionally.

That was against everything we wanted to do. At our facility, welfare was our overriding concern.

It took us 3 years to find a way to produce caviar without killing the sturgeon. Now we’re hugely proud to say that KC Ethical Caviar is still the only Caviar facility producing sustainable, cruelty-free Caviar.

"I’m not sure why there hasn’t been a public outcry around Caviar like there has been around foie gras or veal. We thought there had to be a better way. There is."


The last 4 years

There have been challenges.

Following our very successful year supplying the supermarket chain, we were geared up for £1m caviar production in 2019. Unfortunately in that year Mark had a stroke, our landlord asked us to move off the farm and COVID19 arrived with isolations etc. We lost all our adult fish due to the move along with the £1m of caviar in their tummies.

We struggled on as we believe that we are on a mission with a real benefit. In the following 3 years we made a loss every month. We have finally stopped the rot and been just above break even for the last few months, with projections to make profit this year.

Luckily we do have some stock which we stored in the freezer, that we are now defrosting as required. We are in negotiations with European farmers who want to help us through these lean times by letting us use their premises for the Caviar production.

We have been experimenting with Alcohol infused Caviar and are delighted to report that we have now developed a range of AiC which has been Trade Marked and will be on sale from today.

The first 2 types are Vodka and Gin which come in 15, 25, 50 and 250 gm tins.

You get the smooth creamy hazelnut oceanic flavours of our Baerii Caviar followed by a subtle Vodka or Gin after taste.

The product was included in the Autumn L'Officiel Monaco luxury magazine.