Our Mission to 
Redefine Luxury

We estimate there are 35 million people in the UK alone who have never tasted Caviar.

Seen as an extravagance for the privileged few, we want to make this delicious gourmet’s favourite an accessible luxury - an extra-special treat which can be enjoyed by everyone.

The truth is that Caviar is hugely versatile (KC Caviar can be used on HOT or COLD dishes). It works particularly well with most fish dishes, with cucumber and salad and also with eggs (our favourite? Scrambled), changing an average salad into something spectacular. Changing an afternoon snack into a wow factor.

And we could wax lyrical for hours on how incredible it tastes when paired with the humble potato

We know Caviar is costly. The careful, specialised husbandry involved in raising the sturgeon to the right age and in the best conditions to produce top quality Caviar is an expensive process.

Our 50g tins are priced in line with a 100g tin of traditional Caviar. It’s still an extra-special treat - but so is champagne, or a fine wine.

We introduced our smallest 10g tasting tin as the perfect portion for two people, making it an excellent gift for that special someone and the ideal accompaniment to a romantic dinner.

If you’re catering for a larger crowd, KC Caviar is available in a wide range of sizes to suit your needs and budget, from 10 and 20 grams right up to a whopping 1kg!

And if you’re one of the 30 million? Make sure you check out our Definitive Caviar Tasting Guide for the perfect first-time experience.

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Our Philosophy

As passionate about the welfare of our fish as we are the quality of our product, we’re exceptionally proud to say that we produce the only true cruelty-free Caviar in the world using our massage technique.
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Our Team

In a quiet rural village deep in the heart of Yorkshire, my family and I run KC Caviar, producing world-class Caviar in a way that is completely sustainable and cruelty free.



There are several types, and several qualities, of Caviar available on the market today, the most famous (and usually the most expensive) being Beluga.