The Team

KC Caviar Family


KC is a family run business.

Mark Addey Man. Dir.

John Addey Dir. (General management)

Kacey Addey (Caviar Master)

Megan Babicz (Fish husbandry trainee)


Family Team


In addition, the unsung hero’s:

We consider ourselves lucky to have found an enthusiastic group of Global shareholders who collectively bring financial support and expertise in accountancy, insurance, marketing, distribution, agriculture, UK Law and a GP.

Over the last six years, KC has built a supply chain and group of industry professionals and advisors who have been essential pieces in the jigsaw to our survival through the lean years.

Megan Studying Fish Husbandry

Mark, as managing Director runs the farm and everything to do with fish husbandry. Kacey is still studying at Garforth Community College and helps around the farm with a preference for the Caviar production and admin side. John looks after the day-to-day management and communication between suppliers and customers. 

KC currently only has one part-time employee, Megan who is learning the fish husbandry side. We hope to add another 2-3 employees later in 2017.

All the staff has received training in food hygiene etc. During harvesting and Caviar production it’s a case of all hands on deck ensuring the Caviar produced meets strict HACCP and SALSA guidelines with the help of our Food technology consultant and Hygiene compliance specialist.

Mark and Megan have the job of ensuring the female has a quick recovery from the harvesting and then moves on to the summer house where she will become active, eating throughout the day and night to produce the eggs for her next harvest.

John and Kacey produce the statistical recording, needed for the traceability and the transparency documentation, whilst ensuring that we maximise profitability.


Caviar Canning