Our Philosophy



Sturgeon has thrived around the world for close to 250 million years, but due to mass-slaughter and over fishing during the last century most of the 27 species are now critically in danger of becoming extinct. In 2008, as the stocks in the Caspian Sea had fallen by 90% of previous levels, Global authorities gave Sturgeon special protection against the senseless poaching for Caviar extraction. This led to major advances in fish farming technologies and there are currently over 100 caviar farms around the world catering for this $10 Billion growing market. However, to achieve this its reckoned that 3 million farmed sturgeons are needlessly killed. 

No-Kill Socially Acceptable Process

KC Caviar SturgeonKC Caviar Ltd successfully negotiated the rights to use the prestigious and unique AWI licence which enables them to harvest Caviar throughout the UK and Ireland from sturgeon that have been through their natural four season’s egg production cycle culminating in a controlled ovulation. This ensures that the eggs or fish are not harmed in any way, unlike the traditional method of forced stripping. Once the eggs have been removed the fish is then returned to her recovery room, then re-joins the program repeating the process for many years to come, before being ultimately retired, not killed. Socially acceptable Caviar harvesting process.

Some companies market their caviar as “No kill” as they perform a caesarean type operation which enables them to extract the caviar without killing the Sturgeon. However when the eggs have been removed from the ovaries, the stomach is stitched back together and the fish is released in to a lake to recover or - as is often the case - to die from damage done to the internal organs. Other companies apply a “No Kill” label to eggs taken from the fish via inserting a tube into the fish and sucking the eggs out. Either way the fish usually dies prematurely.

One totally unique feature of the KC caviar is the total transparency in that every KC sturgeon is chipped and is linked to a QR code that appears on the corresponding Caviar she has produced and then identifies her “by name” on the website. Living proof that this process is totally harmless to the Sturgeon.

The brood stock lives in a secure 5-star environment, enjoying the very best dietary program and swim in perfect water conditions which are monitored 24/7.

Harvesting Process

KC Caviar Harvesting Process

Caviar is collected from mature female Sturgeons by our Caviar “technician” then washed in the purest of Yorkshire spring water with a little British sea salt added, then gently rinsed in a secret product that crisps the eggs, before being stored in vacuum sealed air tight containers at temperatures of -2°/ +2c. At this time the shelf-life is up to 9 months. Once the seal is broken and the shelf-life is reduced with a recommendation to consume within 48 hours of opening.

KC never put the fish through any stress and will never slaughter our brood stock. Britain’s only no cruelty sturgeon Caviar farm.