From Hatchery to Retirement: Socially Acceptable Caviar Our Philosophy

As passionate about the welfare of our fish as we are the quality of our product, we’re exceptionally proud to say that we produce the only true cruelty-free Caviar in the world, championing a revolutionary process which can help save the sturgeon from extinction.

Despite their incredible history (sturgeon are largely unchanged since the earliest fossil records), they are more critically endangered than any other species*, largely due to over-fishing, poaching and pollution. Because they mature late in life, they are particularly vulnerable to depleted stock. In the wild, a female sturgeon could live for more than 60 years, yet many are “harvested” as soon as they reach maturity.

"The guys from KC Caviar are true innovators - their world-class, sustainable Caviar is literally a game-changer."


There has been a noticeable decline in sturgeon populations as the lucrative Caviar industry has grown. Following a worldwide ban on fishing wild stock, farms were introduced globally - however all the usual forms of Caviar production still result in the death of the sturgeon.

The method we use causes no stress or harm to our fish, who will be retired early to protected lakes and rivers, helping to replenish the wild population.

And, as we are breeding our own fish, we will soon be able to say that we are also the only facility in the UK producing Caviar from British-bred Sturgeon stock.

Ethical British Caviar

Although each of our sturgeon give eggs with slight differences, they are generally all rich dark green/ brown in colour at 3mm and are bursting with flavour. Our recently produced Caviar was taken from our most mature sturgeon, ageing between 12 and 15 years old.

This Caviar comes in all sizes from the 10g sample tin, which is still only £59.99 with next day delivery available, right up to the super 1kg king-size tin. 

Every tin will bear the unique Sustainable and Ethical produces symbol, meaning no fish were harmed or killed in the production of this amazing Caviar.

KC remains the only farm in the World, able to make that statement.

The process we use to change the eggs into Caviar makes your Caviar more intense as the flavours are preserved, compared to Caviars which put the eggs through a pasteurising process that reduces flavours.