Future of Caviar



If the traditional Caviar farms around the world are to achieve their production target by 2020, then around 3 million sturgeon will need to be slaughtered. As demand for Caviar increases, the numbers will also increase significantly, because smaller sturgeon will be bought from the farms to meet the targets.

KC Caviar will not kill one, to reach their target of one ton of Caviar. KC is the only farm licenced in the UK and Ireland to produce Caviar using the Patented AWI no-kill process.


KC Caviar Farm


Trialled in Germany in 2014 /15, the process was proven not to harm sturgeon, the eggs nor affect the quality of the Caviar and has received backing from major bodies around the world including CODEX and WSCS.

Other “so called” no-kill practices involve caesarean type incisions of between 50-60 cm. After the eggs are pulled or cut from the ovaries the fish is stitched up and then put into a lake. Most die from organ damage, ulceration or infection.

The KC No Kill philosophy has made a paradigm shift in Caviar farming, by creating the first hatchery to retirement facility, producing the “socially acceptable” Caviar, utilising the holding facility of around one million litres of filtered Yorkshire spring water with no preservatives or colourings used in the Caviar production.

Every gram of KC Caviar has 100% traceability from fish to consumer. Every can has a unique QR code which identifies which fish provided the eggs in the can. To make the process more consumer friendly we have replaced the ID number with Sturgeon names i.e. our first name was Acipenser Nicola Baerii and as we are from the North of England another name was Acipenser Sharon Baerii. Then world renound Animal Welfare Supporter Acipenser Yoko Baerii was created.

As KC have produced young Baerii which will be reaching maturity soon, we will be able to say with authority that we are the only farm in the UK producing Caviar from British bred Sturgeon.


British Sturgeon


The most unique feature of the venture is the transparency. Customers will be able to follow the sturgeon which produced that specific tin of Caviar, through a unique QR code tagging system, which connects the Caviar to the eggs and the producing female. The QR code is then printed on the tin enabling the customer to go online and see pictures of the Fish and be updated of her progress over the years before her retirement.

The importance of No-kill is relevant to the diminishing wild sturgeon stocks, as numbers of the critically endangered sturgeon fall every year. KC hopes to contribute to breeding programs which allow the release of fry into their natural habitat.

Opulence and extravagance are words often associated with Caviar. KC want to turn this experience on its head, bringing socially acceptable Caviar into everyday life. Consider sprinkling a few of these magical eggs, which are full of Nutrients and Vitamins over your bangers and mash or scrambled eggs? Chefs from around the world are doing exactly that, and it works.


Peter Armellino spoke about Caviar made using the AWI process. “The eggs are firmer, keeping their shape better than traditional caviar, then the flavour hits you-not too briny, with a little bit of butter on the finish”

Wes Hutton calls No-kill the future of Caviar, saying “This product will be great for parties or just making dinner that much more special”

KC welcomes Caviar spooners, traditional and new to try this fabulous product and embrace the underlying cause behind it. Socially acceptable Caviar which will make a difference to wild sturgeon stocks.