Heading an Ethical Revolution - Our Technique

Despite a worldwide ban on wild caviar in 2006 following a crash in Sturgeon stocks, 85% of all sturgeon remain at risk of extinction, making them more critically endangered than any other group of species according to the IUCN...

Caviar Tasting Guide

Caviar is a luxury in life that should be properly savoured so, to make sure you get the perfect tasting experience, let’s talk about how to enjoy it at its absolute best.

When you taste it, youll taste a bit of salt. But once the eggs burst, youll experience the flavour of the coast - the smell of the salt, the smell of mussels - that aroma will erupt in your mouth. And the flavour evolves, so you might have a hint of oysters, then it might develop so you have a hint of hazelnuts. Different people get different flavours. It’s magical.”

What's all the Fuss about Caviar?

Legend has it that the ancient Persians believed Caviar to have medicinal properties, and well they might. The food it is thought they called “Khay-Var”, or “cake of power” is full of superfood qualities.

Packed with minerals and nutrients , this food of Tzars and Kings has been lauded since the time of Aristotle in the 4th Century BC - in fact, here in the UK, any wild sturgeon found within the kingdom are the property of the monarch under a royal decree dating back to the 14th Century.

Know Your Stuff - Caviar Types

There are several types, and several qualities, of Caviar available on the market today, the most famous (and usually the most expensive) being Beluga.


Are you sure it doesn’t hurt the fish?

Yes. The patented method was tested in Germany by the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research in 2014-15 under strict conditions and the results were conclusive - the fish are not harmed. The process has the backing of both CODEX (the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations) and the WSCS (the World Sturgeon Conservation Society). It relies on highly controlled conditions, expert husbandry knowledge and perfect timing. At present, Mark Addey is one of only a tiny handful of people in the world sufficiently skilled in the technique.