Our Mission
Redefining Luxury

We estimate there are 40 million people in the UK alone who have never tasted Caviar.

Seen as an extravagance for the privileged few, we want to make this delicious gourmet’s favourite an accessible luxury - an extra-special treat which can be enjoyed by everyone.

Our Team
What Makes Us Tick?

My family and I run KC Caviar from our base in a quiet rural village deep in the heart of Yorkshire.

I wanted to do my bit to help replenish stocks and support the Sturgeon varieties which are vanishing from our world. At this Farm, welfare is our overriding concern.

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Know your Stuff
(Caviar Types)

There are several types, and several qualities, of Caviar available on the market today, the most famous (and usually the most expensive) being Beluga.


Heading an Ethical Revolution

Despite a worldwide ban on wild caviar, 85% of all sturgeon remain at risk of extinction, making them more critically endangered than any other group of species.


Is Caviar Good For You?

Ethical caviar can be as good for you as it is for the environment, so make sure you include some of this in your Valentine’s Day spread.