Caviar is Good For You?

Caviar is Good For You?

Ethical caviar can be as good for you as it is for the environment, so make sure you include some of this in your Valentine’s Day spread.

We all know that oily fish is good for us, and we are actually encouraged to eat at least two portions a week under NHS guidelines.

But does this include fish eggs? Sort of, is the answer. While it is unlikely you will be able to afford to eat 100g serving of caviar in one sitting, the omega three oils you find in caviar are incredibly healthy.

In fact, caviar was once said to cure depression. While we would be cheered up by someone presenting us with a pot of caviar any day of the week, this old wives’ tale may actually have some basis in fact. Omega three is essential for brain health, and can play an important role in helping people with depression.

The benefits don’t stop there however. While you may be unable to afford to eat 100g of the stuff in one sitting, that doesn’t really matter as caviar is intensely packed with nutrients.

Just one tablespoon will give you over half of your daily requirement of B12, which is essential for many different bodily processes including ovulation and sperm production This again proves the old wives’ tale that caviar is an aphrodisiac, or at least boosts one’s fertility.

One tablespoon also provides you with 12 per cent of your daily recommended intake of magnesium, and 10 per cent of iron. All of these nutrients are essential for many bodily functions so dig in, without guilt.