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What is theSocially acceptable Patented No-kill process?

It’s the process which allows us to harvest naturally ovulated Sturgeon eggs without Killing, harming or unduly stressing the fish.


Why was the no kill method developed?

Wild Sturgeon stocks are diminishing faster than ever as the demand for Caviar is growing, which is putting pressure on farmers to kill Sturgeon at a younger age to harvest their eggs. This cannot be sustained. Also the barbaric way in which most farms kill the Sturgeon to obtain the eggs is becoming a cause for concern with animal rights and cruelty activists. It is estimated that 3 million sturgeons will be killed by 2020 if Caviar production targets are to be achieved. The question must be asked, where will the millions of mature fish be farmed?


Traditional Caviar Harvesting


How are the eggs obtained in Sturgeon farms?

Traditional method. Stun the Sturgeon then kill it. Remove the eggs. Sell the carcass.

Caesarean. Make an incision of 60-70cm. Remove the eggs from the ovaries. Stitch back up and release in to a lake to recover –Naturally most die from organ damage, ulcerations and infection.

The snip. Cutting the muscle which surrounds the vent. This bleeds when cut. After the eggs are massaged out of the Sturgeon the fish is released into a lake -Most die from infection.


Why KC?

We are genuinly proud and humbled to be chosen as the first Sturgeon Caviar farm in the world to have a licence to produce socially acceptable Caviar using the Patent developed in Germany a few years ago. The patented process was based on a long study of the Sturgeon by Prof. Dr. Angela Koehler who realised, how profoundly the seasons and water conditions affected the Sturgeon.

Angela developed a proceedure which allows the eggs to be stripped naturally from the fish without putting the fish through any stress. The eggs are collected and put through a rinsing process which stabilises the eggs ready for maturation which can take up to 4 weeks. KC Caviar Ltd trading as, Premier farming Yorkshire is currently the only farm in the world licenced to use the process.

Man. Dir. Mark Addey and his staff at Premier Farming Yorkshire genuinely have the well-being of the Sturgeon at heart.



What characteristics make this Caviar different?

Socially acceptable No-Kill Caviar.

It has a longer shelf life?

It has a crisper pop sensation?

It can be served alongside hot food.

As the Sturgeon gets older the eggs become larger.

Every can has a bar code on the label which allows the consumer to see pictures of the fish that supplied the caviar on the table. And see regular updates on her activity on the farm.


Should the consumer pay a premium for no kill?

What if that premium was invested in a program to reinstate Sturgeon on the endangered list, back into their natural habitat?

KC are members of the (WSCS) World Sturgeon Conservation Society and want to participate fully.

KC will be the most transparent Sturgeon farm in the world. Making pictures available of the fish and her history to the KC Caviar purchaser, through a QR code which is printed on every tin of caviar she produces in her 20-30 years of Caviar production.

KC will be the only Sturgeon farm in the UK offering a Hatchery to Retirement for Sturgeon, by creating a massive “secure” lake where the older females can retire peacefully, which will be opened to the public certain day each year.

Should the consumer pay a premium for no kill? We don’t think so…... We believe that the No-Kill Caviar we produce should be sold at market value, making the product available to a wider and younger client base. The suggestions above will automatically come out of profits generated by the business.


Wild sturgeon stocks have depleted by 90% over the last 40 years. KC will be working alongside the WSCS to help reinstate sturgeon into protected recognised breeding areas in Hungary and Bulgaria over the next 2-3 years.

The farmed Caviar industry is relatively new and is beginning to show some growing strains. The age of a Siberian sturgeon producing marketable amounts of eggs used to be 7-8 years of age. To meet the demand for Caviar, farmers are now slaughtering them before they reach full maturity around 5-6 years. By comparison the Sturgeon at KC will be producing caviar well into their 20’s or maybe 30’s. Even then, they will not be slaughtered, simply put out to retirement.




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