Leeds, Yorkshire


  • British sturgeon farm takes first delivery of the five hundred 4-5 foot long Sturgeon required for the production of their “socially acceptable” Caviar.
  • Customers love our new radical transparency process that allows them to connect with the sturgeon that supplied the eggs to make the Caviar in the can on the table.
  • The eggs will be “harvested” through a unique No-kill, no cruelty, socially acceptable patented process.
  • Premier farming Yorkshire is the UK’s only Sturgeon hatchery to retirement Caviar farm.
  • The only Caviar farm in the world licenced to use the Patented socially acceptable process.
  • This farming facility will create a Paradigm shift on sturgeon farming in the future and eventually on wild sturgeon stocks.
  • British chefs cannot wait to get this product on the menu.
  • Traditional sturgeon farms around the world will kill 3 million sturgeon to reach their 2020 production target-KC will achieve it’s target from just 500 females, which will still be alive in 2030 and beyond.
  • The farm constructed in newly adapted premises on the outskirts of Leeds, specifically designed to house over 1 million litres of filtered Yorkshire spring water, for the 500 fully mature female Sturgeons and a state-of-the-art Caviar production unit.


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