Open letter of introduction to Chefs

August 09, 2017

- KC Caviar Ltd


If you think that making sturgeon Caviar in Yorkshire was a challenge, being the only farm in the World with a licence to produce (no kill) socially acceptable Caviar was a Mount Everest challenge.

Last month saw Mark and I finally achieve that goal. Producing a Caviar from a process, that does not harm the fish and allows her to produce Caviar year on year and people love it.

Every tin is linked specifically to the (Sturgeon) girl providing the eggs through a QR code printed on the label, which takes the buyer to (say Lucy) her page on the KC Caviar website.

Traditional Caviar cannot be washed in water so it is cleansed by using Borax. Our Caviar is produced through a Patented process which involves rinsing the eggs using three salt solutions. This gives the Caviar a clean, crisp texture then as the shell bursts the most predominate flavours spring back to memories of fresh sea food. Some say nutty and creamy others have said fruity however every fish has its own slightly different taste and egg appearance.

Due to this being a (natural) ovulated egg, it has a more robust shell so it can be used to garnish hot food not just salads.

Looking forward to meeting you at the farm one day or we can gladly bring some samples to your restaurant.

Kindest regards

John Addey



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