12 years and counting

12 years and counting

Now in our 10th year.

From our humble beginnings to being the only British caviar producer to supply caviar to a National Supermarket.

Surviving the Hospitality lockdown throughout the pandemic, resulted in having to shed 50% of staff and relocate.

Putting that aside, KC has always maintained the integrity if the Brand, which is widely recognized as "The Best in the world" with sales doubling year on year.

2022 will see the first caviar production from the new premises and 2023 will see volumes increase as new co-operatives come live in the UK and overseas.

Q: So why is KC different?

Basically 98% of traditional producers kill fish, remove the eggs and dispose of the carcuss. The other 2% take the eggs when the fish is spawning and then pasturise the caviar making it like marmalade.

With KC the process start 5/6 years before they mature as the fish are first sexed. Most producers sell the males for meat, we sell them to the ornamental trade for ponds.

We then grow the females to maturity at 7/8 years before putting through a preparation process before we condition them ready for spawning, which can take up to 9 months.

Once we have the eggs we put them through a patented process that gives us our unique fresh clean texture.

We then either freeze the batch after labelling or place in retail size tins, between 10 and 1000g.

Each tin is connected directly to the fish providing the eggs. No one else can do that!

We had aspersions to release mature females into the wild, have now realised the complicated legal implications and instead have started a breeding program which will be on going.