Outrage As Trump Serves Caviar With Plastic Spoons

Outrage As Trump Serves Caviar With Plastic Spoons

Now that we produce caviar in Yorkshire, you can obtain your ethical caviar online.

We doubt that President Trump would be particularly interested in our ethical caviar, as though he likely consumes a lot of the stuff he doesn’t appear to be particularly interested in the finer points of caviar consumption.

He came under fire earlier this month for serving caviar with plastic spoons at his Winter White House in Mar-a-lago.

This was revealed by an irate customer at home of his restaurants there, who Instagrammed their displeasure at the way in which their caviar was served saying: "I hate to do this, but this is a total #disgrace , #shame on #maralago , you can’t serve caviar with plastic spoons!" the caption reads. "Please offer your caviar with mother of pearl spoons and dishes!" 

 The user vacayinbae also uploaded images of the caviar which had been served with plastic spoons, along with disappointing shots of the other dishes they were served as part of their meal.

Though the individual got some pretty unsympathetic responses, we, and many others do agree that this diner had a point.

Because of the delicate nature of some of the flavours one will enjoy when eating caviar, it is important that the implements you are eating it with do not affect the flavour. This is why you can’t use metal spoons to serve caviar.

Instead, people will use pearl spoons as it is inert, and does not impart a flavour to the caviar. This better guarantees you will be able to pick up on the full breadth of flavour in the caviar you eat.