A Day On The Facility

A Day On The Facility

Visitors attending the facility open day expressed what an amazing job Mark and his team were doing and what he has achieved. Visitors came from: Scotland, Wales and from as far as the southern counties, covering all age groups and backgrounds, all agreeing that the £89.50 was the correct price for the product.

They enthused about the farm layout, practical operation efficiency and especially the attention to detail of fish care and general husbandry levels. To the pristine “surgery like” levels of hygiene in the Caviar production area where the eggs are made in to our delicious tasting Caviar.

Mark, Megan, Kacey and John showed the visitors around the farm and explained how the operation worked:

Where the fish live and their journey into the (labour) stripping room, where the eggs are harvested. How the eggs are gently cleaned using a specially designed rinsing machine then salted and vacuum sealed and matured for up to one month before being finally canned for sale.

They then sampled some of the Caviar and made comments like:

  • “This reminds me of happy days at the seaside eating fresh prawns.”
  • “There is a delicious creamy nutty flavour.”
  • “Loving the fruity flavour.”
  • “A pleasant hint of salt, as if you were seasoning something whilst cooking.”
  • Overall the most common comment was a “fresh crisp taste of the coast”.

Everyone wished the team well and thanked them for the amazing experience and the opportunity to see an incredible business model that will change the way caviar is produced in the future.

Here a just a few of the letters received:

Have been meaning to drop you a line just to say thank you so much for the open day last Saturday. Kate and I were thoroughly entranced with the whole process and it was wonderful to see how passionate you all are about the business. We wish you every success for the future.
Thanks once again,
Brian and Kate
I just wanted to say a huge thank you for a very enjoyable visit to your farm on Saturday. It was a really positive experience for both Paul and myself and a great opportunity for us to see sturgeon and learn more about them. We were impressed by your passion for the animals and by your close knit and friendly team. We wish you every success with your growing business, and will keep you updated on any progress we make with sturgeon conservation in Georgia in case we can find a way to collaborate in the future.
Best wishes

How refreshing to hear about people motivated by kindness and empathy rather than the lure of financial gain.

I loved hearing the fish bob up to greet you and check out the interviewer and how each sturgeon was readily recognisable to you.

More and more people are realising how mistaken man is so refer to ‘only’ a fish, cow – or whatever, but human ego still sees man as superior.

Perhaps your fascinating and ground-breaking fish farm will help more people value and understand fish. That would be as valuable as your caviar!

Kind regards
Julia Collins